Ever Wondered How To Make Money At Home Or Even ​After You've ​Gotten... Off-The-Grid?


​​ Getting Out Of The City And Off The Corporate Conveyor Belt?

Here's How To Get Far Away From Trouble And Still...

Make All The Money You'll Ever Need Off-The-Grid

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Let's be honest... Urban Life Has Become Dangerous​. This Means...​ There's Never Been A Better Time To Get Out Of Harms Way and Settle Into A ​Safer, Healthier Life... Away From The Crowd!

Off Grid Income Might Be Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible


A Short Message For Those Who Desperately Want Out Of The
 Rat-Race But Still Need A Steady Stream Of Monthly Income

Make Money Living Off The Grid

"Making money living off-the-grid can free up some time for your family and other things you've always wanted to do."

Dear Friend,

If you would like to know a secret way (at least to the average person) to make a sizable amount of money very quickly... and... do it over and over again as many times as you wish... this may very well be the most important message you ever read!

Here is why...

My name is Bill Heid and some time ago I was beyond dead broke. My business was in the hole to the tune of a half a million dollars and I couldn't even pay my house payment... actually...

I Wasn't Just Broke, I Was Desperate!

Then one day I came up with a "crazy idea" about how to generate electricity with "plug and play" solar. I called the thing a solar generator and it created quite a stir. So much so, some people think it could change the world.

I live here in the Midwest. Thomson, Illinois to be exact. And some of my friends actually laughed at my idea. They thought it was a big joke. Most thought of me as a dreamer with very little common sense. One fellow living here in Thomson said that my idea was so silly that he felt sorry for me.

Well, I didn't really care. I still thought I had a good idea and started to make a few of the solar generators. And guess what? People started to order them like crazy. That being the case, I took the money that came in and produced more solar generators and sold them too! And I used that money to make even more solar generators...

And so on. And so on.
What's the bottom line? Simply this: Before I was finished, that one "Off-The-Grid" idea pulled in...

​More Than 100 Million in Sales!

Think about it. More than 13,000 people took their first step towards getting off-the-grid and became more energy independent. Not to mention, they all have a backup system in place should they lose power in an emergency.

But Here's The Most Important Part...

I learned how to quit my job, start a profitable business at home... and... get off-the-grid myself!

Along the way I also had to learn how to market and sell my invention. You see, inventing the solar generator was really the easy part. I know that sounds hard to believe. But the truth is, coming up with ideas or finding or inventing products and/or services really is the easy part once you know how.

The hard part is the marketing and selling secrets you have to learn (and apply) to make the business successful.

Its Easy To Take Almost Any Idea And Start From Home

Who Needs This Secret?

  • Has the current "great recession" made your current job obsolete?
  • Are you sick of the job you are currently in and want a way to start a business from home?
  • Are you a housewife looking to earn a lot of extra money in your free time?
  • Do you already have a business and want to be absolutely swamped with customers?
  • Do you want to make your own products and sell so many of them that you have to add an extra shift to meet demand?
  • Are you already in marketing or advertising and want some "off-the-grid" ideas?
  • Do you have a professional practice and want to see your waiting room literally bursting with new clients or patients?
  • Do you have a house, boat or motorcycle you would like to sell to raise some cash?
  • Most of all... Do you want to take the talents, skills and abilities you use every day at your regular job "off grid" to create an enormous stream of income while working from your house?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions you should try my crazy "off grid" idea. You can listen to me explain it all in detail in my new audio series called...

​Off The Grid Money Generator!

Listen: Many years ago I thought I wanted to work for a big company and make lots of money by climbing the corporate ladder. So I got myself a job with Culligan and started to sell soft water door-to-door. I kept at it until I was pretty darn good at it. But there was a problem with selling this way. You see, I could only knock on about 30 doors each evening. And, therefore, no matter how hard I worked there was a definite ceiling on my earning capacity.

And besides, selling door-to-door was a pretty crazy (and tough) way to make a living. Especially when my kids had baseball or softball games at night and I couldn't be there because I was working.

​If You're Too Busy To Pick Pumpkins With The Grandkids ... You're Too Busy!

So I kept searching and searching until I came up with my crazy off-grid idea which is the first experience I ever had with what I now call Off Grid Money Generator or OGMG for short.

OGMG uses the secrets of a concept called "automatic advertising" which almost forces people to buy whatever you are selling while you do something else. What OGMG lets you do is, sell your product without ever having to go "door-to-door" or ever spending time calling people on the phone.

These "remote control" marketing and advertising secrets can be used by anyone. A housewife, student or someone who just got laid off from their job. And, if you have a business (or you want to start one) these secrets can generate so much cash flow you may have a hard time getting your credit card company to process all your sales.

I'm not joking. You see, one time my crazy off-grid idea brought in...

​$804,000 Dollars In Just Two Days!

​By the way, when you do that many transactions and have that much business, you may have to hire 30 to 40 full-time employees just to make it all work. But learning how to take in $402,000 a day isn't the only thing you'll learn when you listen to my new course. That's just one of the audio chapters!

Each one of these CDs (there are 7 in all) are jam-packed with marketing, selling, advertising and business and life success secrets. You'll get actionable strategies you can use now to achieve your dreams. I call these secrets and strategies, Bill's Bullet Points. Here's a sample of what you'll discover...

Bill's Bullet Points CD #1:

  • Valuable lessons from my earliest entrepreneurial days... including... what I learned from my first business venture ever!
  • How I combine old-school business, marketing and life wisdom with cutting-edge new technology to make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... whether I work or not!
  • The real definition of Capital. (It's not money and those that have lots of money understand this ages-old secret thoroughly!)
  • Why having too much money when you start in business is almost always a serious handicap... that... very often leads to surefire failure!
  • How to use your subconscious mind to make what you discover in my program do the hard work for you. (Trying hard is often a mistake. Mark Twain said he never worked a day in his life. That all his humor and all his great writings were due to the fact that he tapped the inexhaustible reservoir of his subconscious mind.)
  • What real "Wealth" is and how to get it!
  • How to build an income that outstrips your wants and needs... and... still have a life at the same time!
  • The George Washington Carver strategy for success! (Born dirt-poor and faced with almost every disadvantage imaginable along the way, he went on to become one of America's greatest scientists, educators, botanists and inventors.)
  • The "bucket and mop" story that illustrates how to think about life and opportunity!
  • What you must understand about the proverb "Ask and it shall be given." (Most people never truly understand or apply the power inherit in this short axiom.
  • My favorite admonition from Stonewall Jackson and how to use it in your life--just like I have--to ride your way to success!
  • The great business truth all who want to succeed must abide by above all else!
  • Maybe the most important message ever recorded on how to succeed in business... and... in life! (If you've never heard this recording, I guarantee you're at a severe disadvantage when it comes to attaining success in anything.)
  • How to leverage the feeling of "not having" into getting what you want out of life!
  • A startling fact that illustrates why "now" is the time to get off-the-grid and get into the money!
  • How I made a living off of raccoons in the late 1970s and early ‘80s working part-time! (I'm not suggesting you do this, but rather, the story illustrates the mindset you want--and need--to cultivate!)
  • How to deal with life when you get dealt a "hand of bad cards". (This is the secret all winners share!)
  • My record store story and what it can teach you about respect, success and life wisdom! (I lost the store after 7 hard--but really fun--years however, the lessons I learned led me to where I am today!)
  • One of the single biggest success secrets you need to know before you ever spend a dime starting a business! (This business-killer is a major player behind the "90% of all businesses fail in the first five years" statistic people commonly quote.)
  • Why working "hard" is never a guarantee of success...and... what you should be doing instead!
  • How to get a university-level education with very little effort in your spare time! (Actually, it's much better than a university-level education from a money-making point-of-view.)
  • Why I got fired from the water company Culligan even though I was their #1 salesperson! (I don't harbor any bad feelings, though, ‘cause I learned some truly valuable success lessons that I am going to pass on to you. Plus a few warnings too!)
  • The very best way to learn to sell in the world!
  • The #1 selling secret in the world! (Once you "get" this, your life will never be the same... guaranteed!
  • How to think about failure if you want to dramatically accelerate your way to success!
  • The type of books you should be reading if you are serious about success! (HINT: I'm not talking about self-help or motivational books... or... even regular books about business.)

Bill's Bullet Points CD #2:

  • How, when bad things happen (and they will, trust me), you can turn them (or the experiences you have) into assets!
  • How I started my very successful Heirloom Seeds business from a simple idea from my wife's family that dates back to the 1830s! (Ideas don't have to be new or high-tech to be good.)
  • The amazing money-making power of asking questions! (Of course, you have to ask these types of questions.)
  • How to get attention to get what you want out of life!
  • A surefire way to get a job--if that's what you want and need at this moment--ahead of others applicants trying to get the position!
  • The secret of influencing others with "Damaging Admissions"! (This is a masters-level psychological strategy that causes people to drop their guard and open up their wallets and hand you money!)
  • Why truth rules when it comes to influencing others! (Forget the cliché of the slick salesman conning people out of their money. That's bunk! The smartest, happiest and richest salespeople in the world use truth instead... but... you have to know the details or you will fall flat on your face!)
  • How I started a business with no product or service (just a simple brochure I had printed up for a few dollars) and made $100,000 in 30 days... and then... grew it from $500,000 to over $7,000,000 in 12 months!
  • Why hearing the word "no" to anything should never matter!
  • The 2 tenets of a successful mindset! (You can't succeed in life or business without them, period!)
  • The ultimate shortcut to a successful business fast!
  • The secret to making maximum money in minimum time!
  • How to identify the hidden psychological triggers that cause people to stand in line and beg you to take their money! (I'm not exaggerating here. I and my friends in business routinely have this experience during our everyday business affairs.)
  • What is meant by "Lines of Convergence" and how to tap this "sweet spot" for massive amounts of cash!
  • How to test whether or not your ideas will work for pennies and avoid the mistake of throwing good money after bad! (You'll also rapidly accelerate the pace with which you achieve success by using this strategy.)
  • The #1 rule you should never break with your Off-The-Grid business! (Ignore this advice at your own peril. I know... I found out the hard way!
  • How being "dumb" can actually help you succeed in business!
  • How I started a business on a topic I knew nothing about and made nearly $1 Million part-time! (Best part: You can use this same strategy... and... you can use it over and over again. The sky really is the limit!)
  • 2 amazing thrills an OGMG business gives you that you won't find in any other type of business in the world!
  • 3 factors an OGMG business must have to succeed. (The way to think of these things is like a three-legged stool... take any one "leg" away and the "stool" topples over!
  • The largest expense you face in business... and... how to leverage it for maximum profits!
  • How to develop additional products once you have a winner by borrowing from other markets! (This is where the real money is at!)
  • Why you must always deliver more than you promise in every transaction!

Bill's Bullet Points CD #3:

  • The 2 reasons products have a limited life span and what to do about it!
  • What "The Boston Secret" and "The Himalayan Diet Breakthrough" (2 OGMG projects I started from scratch) can teach you about dealing with governmental agencies... particularly the Federal Trade Commission. (If you're going to have an OGMG business, you have to hear this!)
  • How being in debt can sometimes save your skin! (In many situations, debt is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • How faith can play a role in your success! (Not required, but it sure has served me well... in good times and bad.)
  • Why money should never be the most important thing in your life... and... what you should focus on instead to achieve true success!
  • How to succeed by letting go of negative emotions!
  • Why you shouldn't sell some products... even though... people really want them... and they sell like crazy!
  • How the FTC has actually been instrumental in my overall success! (Despite initially causing a lot of pain in my life, their actions ultimately turned out to be a blessing in disguise.)
  • Why you should never define your self-worth by the amount of money you have!
  • When it's okay to quit your day job to focus on your OGMG full-time! (There's a right time and place to take the jump to complete independence... but... most people get it wrong.)
  • 5 amazing money-making secrets I learned during my time working with marketing legend, Gary Halbert! (Gary wrote one of the most widely mailed sales letters in history... if not the most widely mailed. Before it was retired, it (or a slight version of it) mailed nearly 1 Billion times!)
  • The first and most important success factor in an OGMG business!
  • A bible proverb that will help you sell products (and sell a lot more of them) with absolute integrity!
  • What "words that talk to each other" means and how to use it to create ads that sell!
  • How to make money off of the government. Local, state or federal... it doesn't matter... and... anyone can do this!
  • The key difference between good advertising (that rakes in huge wads of cash) and bad advertising (that gets ignored like bad leftovers in the fridge)!
  • How to create blockbuster ads even if you can't write a word!
  • A great--and very profitable--ad example that reveals how I "think" when I sit down to write to sell a product! (Additionally, you'll discover a near secret technique for making your ads ultra-smooth and compelling.)
  • An amazing technique a police officer used that allowed him to "bat a 1000" when he went to trial! (He never lost with this technique--a technique that he figured out all on his own--and when applied to advertising a product or service, it can be equally effective!)
  • Why Madison Avenue ad agencies are almost always dead wrong in their approach to advertising a product or service! (You'll be far better off if you ignore anything--and everything--they say and do!)

Bill's Bullet Points CD #4:

  • How to get an "Off-Grid" product if you don't have one already, and how to get it for nothing!
  • How to get as much money as you need to really get going with your OGMG business... without borrowing!
  • How to get celebrities to help you sell your "Off-Grid" products!
  • An amazing secret that can turn your local newspaper or radio station into a personal goldmine!
  • How to get the exact name and email address (or physical address) of thousands of people who want to send you money!
  • What to write in an email (or on a cheap little postcard) that will make people flood you with cash!
  • How to use cheap little banners and classified ads to make as much as $10,000 per day!
  • How to get yourself or your product featured on national TV at no cost whatsoever!
  • 4 steps to writing creative, compelling advertising copy that sells!
  • How we (Gary Halbert and I) lost $100,000 in 48 hours and the important lesson you need to take away from our mistake! (It really is true you often learn more from your mistakes than your successes.)
  • How to reposition products for maximum profits when market changes occur... and/or... when other things happen in the world, such as: financial upheaval, war, political turmoil, etc.)
  • The #1 thing you must always be doing to ensure the effectiveness of your advertising!
  • The single most important part of any ad and a pro's trick for getting it right! (If you mess up here, you might as well light the money you're going to spend running your ad on fire!)
  • How I started over on the Internet with $5,000 and turned that into $30,000 in 3 days... and $17 Million in four years!
  • How to get 6 times as many people to read your advertising... without... changing a single word!
  • One pitfall of success most people don't understand!
  • How to keep motivated and keep momentum, not only when things are going against you... but, believe it or not... when things are going really well!
  • How, even if you have no money, you can start an OGMG business!
  • How to know if you have a winning idea... and... what to do next to make maximum money, fast!
  • The secret to advertising for free with affiliate marketing! (Many, many people--starting with nothing--have become millionaires online with this technique!)
  • The fastest way in the world to screw up your OGMG business!
  • The secret to low-cost direct mail testing! (Not one expert in 1,000 will tell you this... or... even knows how to do it.)
  • How to test the validity of your ideas for next to nothing!
  • How to set-up a web site for maximum response!
  • The real way to use video online to sell products and services! (Most "experts" are dead wrong about this and I have the numbers to prove it.)
  • How to shortcut your way to becoming a great ad writer!

Bill's Bullet Points CD #5:

  • How Steven Colbert ("The Colbert Report")--even though he was actually trying to make fun of my business--made me $240,000 in one week... all from HIS listeners! (As you'll hear, I had the last laugh all the way to the bank!)
  • Secrets of using low-cost banner ads to create a virtual avalanche of orders for your OGMG business!
  • How to constantly upgrade customers (ethically, and in a way that is good for them and that they will appreciate) to higher and higher-priced products!
  • What sets me apart from the typical Internet "Gurus" trying to tell you how to make money online!
  • How I invented--and profited from--a whole new category of electronic products... even though I'm not an engineer and can barely work my cell phone!
  • A $100,000+ OGMG Internet idea nearly anyone can start with less than $50!

​You Are Always One Website
Away From Having All
The Money You
Will Ever Need

  • How I combine my physical brick and mortar businesses with the Internet for maximum profitability!
  • Why you should never focus on the technological side of your business! (The temptation is great, but it's a trap you must avoid at all costs.)
  • How to outsource for maximum profits... and... to help keep your sanity at the same time! (Trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for disaster!)
  • How to bump up results to your advertising by as much as 2,100%! (That means, turning 20 customers into as many as 400 with the same amount of money spent!)
  • One major pitfall of using Google AdWords to bring in customers!
  • Secrets to using Google+, Twitter and Facebook to bring in loads of customers at almost no expense whatsoever (except some time)!
  • How to maximize your social media presence (and effectiveness) with an age-old, brick and mortar business technique!
  • Why trying to be "everything to everybody" is a disastrous way to run a business... and... what you should be doing instead! (Bill Cosby once said, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." How true!)
  • How to improve engagement (and sales) with social media!
  • How social media can ruin your business almost instantly... literally within a day or two (or less)!
  • Local search secrets you can use to become #1 in your category if you have a brick and mortar business!
  • Why content has always been "King" in media... and... why it's now even more important than ever before!
  • How business relates to war... and... how to use the tactics and mindset of the military to survive and thrive... under almost any conditions!

Bill's Bullet Points CD #6:

  • Secrets to buying advertising at the lowest possible price! (It's little-known, but this often the secret behind the biggest direct response marketing successes in history!)
  • One of the unknown secrets (to all but a handful of colleagues and protégés) behind Gary Halbert's amazing success with full-page newspaper space ads! (Someone once calculated that if all of Gary's current ads were being run by just one company--instead of separate clients--that company would be the 3rd largest newspaper advertiser in the United States. "Just behind Delta Airlines," they told him!)
  • How to mail your advertising to 100,000 people at no cost whatsoever...not even postage!
  • 2 easy, but incredibly effective ways to determine which web sites you should run your advertising on!
  • How you can "cheat" your way to success with your advertising! (Don't worry, there's nothing unethical or illegal going on here.)
  • How to use interesting facts to create advertising messages that people will and will want to read! (This "under the radar" technique boosts response two ways.)
  • A case study showing exactly how to turn simple know-how into a highly-profitable OGMG business in no time flat! (It's easy, and can be done in your spare time.)
  • How to jumpstart an OGMG business by giving away something for free!
  • How to position yourself as "the" authority in a marketplace! (Done right, this allows you to leapfrog over the pack and get into the big money, fast!)
  • What is meant by "Gun To The Head" marketing... and... why you need to develop this mindset if you want massive success!
  • How to use the power of the "expose" in business to win out over your competition!
  • How to create controversy for profit!
  • A simple (and inexpensive) way to take orders from a web site online!
  • 3 essential steps to success when you are just starting out! (Most people do the exact opposite of these steps... only to find out "too late" that they've made a fatal error!)
  • Why you still want to let people call your business and order over the phone... even though... you can do it totally automated online!
  • What "white mail" is and why you always want to read and respond to it immediately!
  • What you need to know about shipping products! (What you learn here, believe it or not, is actually a profit-multiplying technique... and I'm not talking about making more profit by saving money. No, rather I'm talking about making more profit from loads more sales!
  • How to reinvest your profits into your OGMG business for success!
  • How to get your OGMG business to the point of automation--where it runs without you--so you can get out and enjoy life more! (It's relatively easy once you know how.)

Bill's Bullet Points CD #7:

  • The exact plan, step-by-step, I used to make $804,000 in 2 days and what you can learn from it!
  • The secret of verisimilitude in selling by video... or... for that matter, in any type of medium!
  • 2 quick tricks--1 mindset and 1 technical--for maximizing sales with video!
  • Quite possibly the #1 business-killing mistake you can make in your OGMG business!
  • How to get a Millionaire Mentor to help guide you to success with your OGMG business! (Imagine what it would be like to have someone--who's "been there and done that"... and... still actively doing it--take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step to success!)

There's more. A lot more. Including how to get your family involved in a hyper-profitable home business without going insane. How to avoid legal issues and crazy lawsuits from desperate "human buzzards" who are jealous of your success and so on.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm running out of space and time here (I have to catch a plane in the morning to check out the new vacation/retirement home in Belize my OGMG businesses have paid for). But anyway, I hope I have given you enough information about my new audio course to convince you to get it and listen to it right away.

Look, the cost of the course is extremely low compared to what you get...

Just $297.00 For Literally My Lifetime Of
 Hard-Won Business And Life Know-How!

Honestly, the stories you will hear and the secrets I reveal are the result of millions upon millions of dollars in profitable sales... and hundreds of thousands of dollars in business mistakes.

This kind of knowledge typically costs an arm and a leg... if you can even get it.

For example: If you had to pay to learn this from me in person... you'd have to fly to Thomson, Illinois (which isn't easy) and cough up a minimum of $15,000.

Seminars and courses that cost thousands don't even come close to containing the real world know-how packed into these CDs. Not to mention that when you go to live events you have to pay travel and lodging expenses and take time off from work (often losing much needed pay in the process).

And you darn sure aren't going to learn this stuff in some "business or success expert's" $20 or $30 fluffed-up bookstore book.

In any case, even though I should be charging hundreds (or even thousands of dollars) for this information, I am not.


It's simple: When I was struggling, trying to pay my house payment, take care of my family and doing everything I could to make more out of my life, I made a simple vow.

And that vow was this: If I ever become successful, I'm going to show others how to do it too as a way of giving back for all my good fortune. So, I've priced this package literally as low as I can while still being able to afford to advertise and fulfill the product.

AND... just to ease your mind, I also want you to know that I am shouldering all the risk until you actually listen to the course and find out for yourself how good it really is... with...


Here's the deal: I intend to treat you the way I'd like to be treated! Therefore, you have this complete, 100% unconditional guarantee of satisfaction: If at any time, for any reason, you decide my course is not everything I say it is, just return it to my office in any condition and you'll receive a prompt refund of your full purchase price. No questions asked.​
But that's not all I'm going to do! 

 I've initially reproduced exactly 100 sets of these CDs.  If you you order one of these first 100 sets, as a reward for your prompt response, I'm also going to include...


​And these bonuses are yours to keep... even if... you decide the CDs aren't right for you and you return them for a refund.  It's my way of saying thanks for giving them a try.  Here's what you are going to get...

FREE BONUS #1: ​Best Money Making Opportunities in a Crisis ​eWorkbook  (A $97 Value)

Some workbooks are theoretical exercises meant to teach you basic materials.  Not this one!

The 104-page Off the Grid Money Generator eWorkbook is a start-to-finish practical application electronic workbook that will walk you through building your own off-the-grid business exactly as described in your audio program.

There are twenty-seven exercises.  Most people can complete them within one month.  But, if it takes a little longer, that's okay... because... by the time you've completed all twenty-seven exercises...

You Should Have Your Own
Off Grid Money Generator Business!

There's more to this workbook, however!  This e-workbook also creates a journal that will document all of the work that you've done.

After that, should you choose to take advantage of my consulting services (which you'll hear about in the conclusion of the e-workbook), you'll be able to bring it to me so I can see everything you've done.

We can then make the most of our time together, because, we'll simply be tweaking and adjusting your hard work instead of starting from scratch.

And that means that your business will get much stronger, much faster.

FREE BONUS #2: ​How To Get $500.00 in Free Advertising. ​

On CD #6 you'll hear me talk about the secret to buying advertising at the lowest possible price!  Actually, the secret was developed by a lady in Ohio in the 1970s and consists of a simple, but ingenious letter she sent to newspapers along with the insertion order.

I've updated the letter for use today, not only in newspapers, but also, other mediums like television, radio and on the Internet.  The good news is... it still works like magic to get ultra-low rates... and... I'm going to give you a copy for your own use absolutely free!  (NOTE: I've valued this bonus at $97, however, the real value can be tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on your advertising over time.  That has certainly been my experience.)

FREE BONUS #3: Word-For-Word Transcripts of the CDs (A $97 Value)

As a complement to the CDs, I've included the word-for-word transcripts, as well.

I've done this because studies conclusively show that when people take in information in multiple ways (such as, both hearing and reading), they not only learn faster... but also... they retain more of what they learn, longer.

Further, I decided to include the transcripts because I realize some people prefer to have a printed document to read, highlight and refer back to. 

FREE BONUS #4: ​Pandemic Survival Secrets  

This bonus consists of two books by the man who many believe had the greatest marketing mind in history. 
Legendary adman David Ogilvy once said, "Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book (Scientific Advertising) seven times. It changed the course of my life."

Another friend of mine--who is an A-level advertising copywriter--told me that upon meeting marketing legend Jay Abraham, Jay asked him how many times he had read Scientific Advertising.  My friend (proud of himself) said seven times and Jay immediately shot back with, "Not enough.  I've read it over 50 times."

In any case, any marketer worth his (or her) salt has read, reread and really studied both of these books... and... you should, too... if... you want to really understand the psychology of salesmanship multiplied and use it to sell more of what you have to sell... to more people... more often.

FREE BONUS #5: ​How To Convince Your Spouse Its Time To Leave The City

If you want the secret to achieving wealth, look no further than Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay, "Compensation".  It contains the basic truths you must understand (and apply) to guide yourself to success in life and in business.  This should be read and reread, as well... until... you really “get it”.  After that, your life will never be the same.

Again, you get these bonuses valued over $250, that are yours to keep even if you return the CDs for a refund.  But remember, only if you hurry and claim one of the first 100 sets.

So, best case, you use what you learn on the CDs to live a life you can only dream about right now.  And worst case, you come out $255.95 ahead just for giving them a try.

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P.S. You can also stop by the office and pick up your copy of "Off Grid Money Generator" as well. We're the new "log cabin" looking building right in Thomson, Illinois on Highway 84 about a block from the bank. We'd love to have you stop by and have a cup of coffee at our new Heirloom Market and Café.

P.P.S. One more thing: If you don't have a good "Off-Grid" idea yet, I've got a great one for you that you can start with practically nothing. And I tell you all about it in the Off Grid Money Generator package. Order now if you want a future that is better than your past!

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